High ping, disconnecting.

I am having trouble. I don't know what is causing it.. please help. I have recently started playing league again and I sat last night waiting for the client to do the new patch. I had problems with that starting but eventually got it to work. I had one or two games that ran fine! I went off for the night and came back on today. I have just had two games which both were awful!! due to lagging out and constant 'attempting to reconnect'. I checked my internet and nothing seems to be going wrong there, everything else is working fine! I am from Scotland and on EU WEST and my usual ping is 30-35ms .. today i have been hitting 2000-9000ms, and I keep getting the 'attempting to reconnect' coming up!! Is this happening to everyone therefore being the servers and not my internet or BRAND NEW LAPTOP which was purchased for me to play league!!! :(:(:(
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