What happens if i get super toxic once?

So i'm almost all the time a friendly player when it comes to lol, but i had a very bad day so my latest game went down hill very fast. It simply started with a rammus jungle saying ''gg my team is all bronze except me and kennen'' and that's what got me just a little tilted, i tried first to prove him wrong by getting better scores than him, and my botlane ended up getting fed while he died at mid for nothing. later on in the game he started calling us all usless because were bronze. that's where i snapped. i turned into the most toxic player ive ever been, saying stuff only to get my jungler mad. top (kennen) stepped in calling me usless and i started trying to tilt him then, and we were winning but hey... im bard :) i fcked the whole game up intentionally just to make them loose. forcing them to loose teamfights by stunning our own adc when i could. now the question: can i get banned for beign super toxic once in a game?
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