EUW - Biggest lag spikes and packet losses ever

Ok, this is starting to become juuuuuust a little bit annoying. I'm writing this after my latest game I don't want to hear BS from anyone, EUW servers are crapping themselves to death and that's all there is to is Position: Southern Italy Server: EUW Ping: 80ms usually, but from 1000 to 3000ms RANDOMLY throughout the whole game, every game, and not only that! it's not lag, it's packet loss, meaning I can see everyone moving but nothing happening, and then, after 5 to 15 seconds, BOOM every particle and everything goes at once, either you died or stood there like an idiot because the server decided you're not part of the current timeline and universe anymore. You might think "bruh, your internet sucks" and I would even agree with you, usually it goes from 80 to 150ish randomly, but that never was a problem for me. So i decided to smarten myself up and try on NA servers, let's get a rundown Position: Southern Italy Server: NA Ping: 150ms STABLE That's right, STABLE, no packet losses, no random ping spikes, a SMOOTH game while at 150ms, which is fair considering the distance. - So, can I have a solution for this? mind this has been going on for a MONTH and for 2 PATCHES already, I tried to keep my cool and not be a little whining kid about it but I can't play like this AND hearing people saying "yeah yeah blame it on the lag" because it's getting on my nerves.
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