Looking for a team ! I can play Top, Mid, Bot and Support!

Hi my name is **Kian **and my League Of Legends name is **Dexoii**. I am I **bronze 3 **and I want a **team ** that I can have a laugh, have fun and **climb **to the top with. I'm just looking for somewhere to call my virtual home. If you want to **recruit** me, add me on **skype** or **discord**. More Information 1. I am 13 2. I'm on most days Mon-Fri around 4:00 pm (UK time) and Sat-Sun around 10:00 am (UK time) 3. I have a cat xD 4. I am British 5. I'm a Twisted Fate main 6. I am mixed race 7. I play League Of Legends on a computer but if I have to go anywhere I have a laptop that can run League 8. I have most social media 9. I support G2 Esports and my favorite member is G2 Mithy 10. I have a Youtube channel with 100 subscribers The Champions I Play * **Top**: {{champion:33}} or {{champion:240}} **Mid**: {{champion:4}} or {{champion:34}} If i had to play **jungle**: {{champion:245}} or {{champion:11}} **Bot**: {{champion:236}} or {{champion:498}} **Support**: {{champion:43}} or {{champion:25}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Skype: LittleDexter16 Discord: Dexoii#2902

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