Hextech Box not dropping

So I was playing with my girlfriend a while ago and we were in a premade and I was playing Thresh, she was playin Jhin and I got and S-. now, the thing is, the game told me congratulations on the S and that I had earned a box but when I went to check neither me nor her had any box. further more my mastery ranks were all back to 0. this bug has happened to me some times (the mastery one) and it never really bothered me, all I had to do was close the game and open again to fix them so I did. when I did, I went to check my hextech page and there was no box anywhere but on my profile they had chipped off one of my 4 box slots and they marked thresh as already having given me a box. I never got that box, and apparently I can't get any more boxes from thresh this season, which is kinda shitty tbh but yeah. I just wanted to report this bug because it is a very unpleasent thing to happen to any one. hope you can fix this, cheers *edit* I forgot to mention that they also chipped one box from her so despite not getting anything we can both only earn 3 more boxes
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