Queue comes up and i cant press accept or decline

I've been having this problem for some days now; When i queue up and i wait some minutes for the queue to come, i hear the sound that the queue makes when it pops up but it just automatically kicks me out (as if i pressed decline, or nothing at all) without ever showing me the option to press accept or decline. Ive had this when i was in priority queue, waiting 20 minutes then this happening, very frustrating. It happens 9/10 times that i queue. Does anybody know where this problem may come from? And how to resolve it? IP helper is disabled, firewall disabled etc etc etc Ive look all over the internet but i find nobody with the same problem as i do. Also, out of the rare occasions that i DO enter a champ select, it often gets stuck at 0 seconds when someone is picking or banning.. Which results in me having to wait till im certain everybody is loading, shutting league down and relogging/reconnecting to the game.. I want to play :( HELP
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