Stuck in lobby, left and lost lp. More issues

I wanted to play the most fun game ever, wich is league of legends. BIG FAN! I started the game and got in a game with 4 other as usual. We had to start banning champs, also usual. But then no one could ban a champion and everyone got confused. The client got stuck for 3 minutes on 0 seconds at banning champions. Everyone could talk in the lobby and all but the client was stuck on banning champions. Fine I guessed and asked for someone to leave. Someone left but the lobby didnt end. My premade also left but my client got stuck. We all had to leave even tho we lost lp. A few lp doesnt matter I guessed. So I started another lobby with my premade but couldnt join a game. It said: 'players YaBroYaKnow and IamABrowny are not ready' Until this moment we cannot queue yet and still have our lp lost Please fix this riot cause its really annoying. Also making a ticket is fine but you have to wait for a response and that usually takes a lot of time. Sorry if my English was bad in this thread, very fast typed. Yours faithfully, YaBroYaKnow
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