my account has been stolen

hi riot games i want to start this conversation by saying you are a nice company that cares about their players i just want from you something its about my account that has been stolen for some reason this account i think it probably got hacked because when i want to review my gmail they show me that i don't have my account registered in it i really just want it back i cant tell u all the info u want to know about this account this account means a lot to me i spent a lot time getting it in a good position so please if u cant help me reply to me my stolen account name : **redacted** my stolen account username : **redacted** my old password : if u want to know it tell me because i dont know if this discussion is private my gmail : **redacted** p.s : my account has been solten from almost 3 months or 4 i didnt tell u before because i thought i wont get back whatever happen but now im at least trying
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