Level 4 honor, never muted, 14 day ban for messing around with my premade friend

SorryBuddyBoi: im getting vape withdrawals SorryBuddyBoi: help SorryBuddyBoi: did i say vape i mean cock SorryBuddyBoi: hhahahhahhahah SorryBuddyBoi: orange cream always has my back SorryBuddyBoi: lmaoo SorryBuddyBoi: tasted good honestly SorryBuddyBoi: just like your asshole SorryBuddyBoi: stfu you %%%%ING WEEB SorryBuddyBoi: %%% SorryBuddyBoi: %%% SorryBuddyBoi: %%% SorryBuddyBoi: %%% SorryBuddyBoi: %%% SorryBuddyBoi: %%% SorryBuddyBoi: %%% SorryBuddyBoi: k SorryBuddyBoi: y SorryBuddyBoi: s SorryBuddyBoi: k SorryBuddyBoi: y SorryBuddyBoi: s SorryBuddyBoi: k SorryBuddyBoi: y SorryBuddyBoi: s SorryBuddyBoi: SIPPING TEA IN YOUR HOOD SorryBuddyBoi: %%%% SorryBuddyBoi: lol SorryBuddyBoi: forgot SorryBuddyBoi: about SorryBuddyBoi: that SorryBuddyBoi: tfw cho can outdamage SorryBuddyBoi: poppy SorryBuddyBoi: :) SorryBuddyBoi: (: SorryBuddyBoi: omfg SorryBuddyBoi: ez SorryBuddyBoi: ez SorryBuddyBoi: ez SorryBuddyBoi: :* SorryBuddyBoi: don't like to give up free wins :* SorryBuddyBoi: aw its so much funner to win when they put up a fight SorryBuddyBoi: thank you! SorryBuddyBoi: lol we have to turn this around SorryBuddyBoi: if i was on corki we'd be winning SorryBuddyBoi: :* SorryBuddyBoi: exactly SorryBuddyBoi: :* SorryBuddyBoi: aw SorryBuddyBoi: so cute SorryBuddyBoi: hHAHHAHHAHA SorryBuddyBoi: we're tilting tf out of this cho SorryBuddyBoi: o u t p l a y e d noob SorryBuddyBoi: rengar SorryBuddyBoi: LOLLOL NA FLASH SorryBuddyBoi: top[ is pushing SorryBuddyBoi: ayy lmao SorryBuddyBoi: how did that not kioll SorryBuddyBoi: omfg SorryBuddyBoi: how did we lose SorryBuddyBoi: that fight SorryBuddyBoi: ... SorryBuddyBoi: ahri? SorryBuddyBoi: lol SorryBuddyBoi: drag SorryBuddyBoi: now SorryBuddyBoi: omfg SorryBuddyBoi: stop SorryBuddyBoi: toxic confirmed?> SorryBuddyBoi: lol SorryBuddyBoi: now im lit SorryBuddyBoi: ahHAHHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAS SorryBuddyBoi: pok SorryBuddyBoi: ok SorryBuddyBoi: ok SorryBuddyBoi: ok SorryBuddyBoi: ok SorryBuddyBoi: ok SorryBuddyBoi: pings kalista kds SorryBuddyBoi: kda SorryBuddyBoi: you guys got carried SorryBuddyBoi: :* SorryBuddyBoi: yes SorryBuddyBoi: and you guys are toxic reported SorryBuddyBoi: you guys are hurting the vibe SorryBuddyBoi: reported for negative attitude and hate speech SorryBuddyBoi: ez SorryBuddyBoi: %%% SorryBuddyBoi: your friend is 87 my dude SorryBuddyBoi: reported toxic SorryBuddyBoi: hahHAHHAHAHHAH SorryBuddyBoi: chogatch op only reason you're not losing SorryBuddyBoi: %%%% SorryBuddyBoi: report cho for inting So, I know this chat log isn't exactly an honorable chat log, and I get that. I was messing around with the enemy premade because I was in a premade group, and we were just having fun talking a little trash. I don't think I crossed a line there, especially considering the severity of the punishment. The only thing I could see as bannable was the "%%% %%% %%% WEEB" joke I was saying to my premade friend. If that's not the reason, then I'd like to have an explanation that makes the punishment seem deserved. I think if you looked through most of my chat logs you would say I'm far above average in terms of politeness and positive attitude. What do you guys think?
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