Ingame ping much higher than the cmd one & ASROCK G10 question

Hello! Since i'm waiting for a new connection at home, i decided to move at girlfriends to play from her place until it's all sorted out. Was really excited since i expected lower ping, since i'm sharing my connection with 3 other housemates and the ping is around 70-75 ( max 80 ) Turns out the min ms i'm having from my gfs place is 81 and normal is around 85-89. Checked the cmd a bit and downloaded some "gaming booster vpn" aswell to check if there's gonna be any fix.. Both show my ping around 60 but the ingame is around 25 more... So my questions are a) Is this normal b) If not (a), is there something i can do, aside from calling isp ( using vodafone in greece, and greek isp services are really really terribe when it comes to support) And on a sidenote, I'm using the ASROCK G10 router which i bought recently. If anyone else is using it, i'm wondering if the gaming boost qol feature applies to league aswell, since i can't find any evidence of it, would appreciate any help Thanks!
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