Lost Connection!!

Before u read this im sry if my english is bad , not my first lang and i dint learn it in School... So yesterday and today my friends and i try-ed to play some flex games...So we que up, all good in champ selection , game start we play and then after couple of mins DC for 3 of us...We talk on Discord so we know its not our internet connection problem and we dont know wtf is the problem... Ok we w8, after like 5 mins of Dc msg. we come back turrets gone , we died , enemy noone got dc, other teammates flame us and game is just lost...Promo game lost for me.. And same thing happened like every game we played today...Try to play , Dc, Leaver or loss , no loss prevented!!! So we try 5 man flex today...What happens? 2 of us connect to game other 3 cant while they keep on trying enemy team all 5 man connected.Again same thing we have to remake , friend loses his promo , leaver , no loss prevented for any of us while enemy gets free win... We are 100% sure its not about our internet connection bcs we all live in diff. city-s and like i said we talked all the time on discord and none got dc from discord server...
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