[Help] Mouse doesn't look on screen when BDO is minimized to tray

So basically my issue is the following - I've been playing Black Desert for a while now. A few days ago I picked League back up to relax of the grind every now and then, meanwhile I like to minimize BD to tray and let my char do afk stuff for progress in certain life skills/ farming silver (BD players will understand how usefull afking activities are). However I have encountered a problem with this - since I run a dual screen setup, my mouse keeps exiting the screen whenever I hit the left border. I only have this issue when Black Desert is running, so I assume it must somehow interfere with League's Mouse-to-screen lock. - I am using Borderless Windowed mode (used to stream, record etc) - Changing to Windowed in lesser resolution / Fullscreen does not help. Has anyone had a similar issue and found a solution to it?

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