Help - blue screen and crashes

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Hey everyone, Its been quite a while since ive posted here but im in need of help right now. A few weeks ago i suddenly crashed mid game, the screen froze and i got a constant noise in my headset and then a blue screen popped up and i had to restart. At first it just seemed like an odd crash but then a few weeks later it happened once more and it slowly became more frequent. After it had happened 2-3 times in a single week i decided to see if i could get some answers. One of the errors i got seemed to be from my antivirus, according to my cleverly conducted 5 min of online reasearch (aka google). So i uninstalled mcafee, which ive heard is a pretty poor program anyway. I was hoping it would be the end of it, but this last game proved otherwise. First i crashed, and got a blue screen (no text for once). Then i bugsplatted later after reconnecting (which also seems to have become more common for me), and then as the game was about to end i tabbed out of my game, and then i couldnt do anything. I could still hear the game but i couldnt click on anything at all, and after a while a little window in the lower left corner popped up and said that windows had crashed. Not being able to turn off the pc i had to just shut it down manually. And now im here, so i hope someone can help me in one way or another. My pc is a couple of years old and its not a great one, but it has never struggled with League. Ive linked my specs, and i also have a NVDIA geforce gtx 760. Regards, LA

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