I have not been able to play league since the start of 9.14 Client errors no matter which mode i pla

It is such a shame :( I had so much fun with the the game. My playstyle and decision making has improved noticably, I was about to reach diamond as a pyke one trick, and I have a feeling most of my teammates really enjoyed playing with me (i have been receiving lots of honor recently). However all of this changed after 9.14. I know several glitches are present and have been reported but while some people are able to play in this patch despite this I am not. I cant enter a game because after the pick/ban champion phase I the client will crash - Every . Time - and eventually I will be slammed in the face with an unjustified leaverbuster. I wish I were Ekko and could go back in time to patch 9.13.
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