Why jungling will help you climb elo faster

Hello guys and welcome to a thread that it will explain you why jungling is the best role to get rid of elo hell and climb up divisions and tiers faster...first of all i think that all roles adc/support/jungle and playing at top or mid have their advantages and disadvantages but i believe that jungling will give you the potential to get better and even enjoy this game much better...well lets start with TOP LANE..as a former top laner i can admit that getting a heavy tank i.e malphite or an ad bruisher a.k.a wukong helped me a lot of times to jump elo..but top lane isnt about carrying in late game...top lane belongs to the guys that will play a tanky-supportish role and will assist the real carry-champs to lead their path to victory...so top lane CANT always carry you...now lets talk about mid lane...usually mid lane belongs to assasins a.k.a akali,talon or ap champions like leblanc,tf etc...so this lane is very tricky...either you will carry hard and you will road your team to victory..or you will fail 100-0...and im gonna explain you why...well mid lane champions are very vunerable (idk if i wrote this word right i just know the meaning :( ) to ganks cause the jungler can gank you from 4 ways..so mid lane success usually depends on your jungler and thats why i believe this role is the best...anyways now lets talk about adc/support...in this place you need a lot of co-operation and chatting with your teammate otherwise the result wont be good..and i mean its thebot lane who usually blame each other...also i believe that even if you get really fed with adc you still cannot lead your team to the victory if you don&#039;t take a good positioning and be smart when you can engage/disengage in a teamfight..i believe adc is a hard role and you should avoid it in order to climb faster in the elo kingdom...now about jungling...well its a paradise..first of all you dont need to worry about CSing and getting ganked..only been cjungled but if you ward and you are carefull there wont be a problem...i believe in jungle you can both carry and play a supportish-style role by ganking and offering your team a positive advantage ..ganking is one of the most useful things in the game and while playing jungle you can do it alot...also in order to sucess you have to complete a lot of tasks throughout the match for example killing dragon/baron...destroying turrets..killing neutral monsters..getting buffs..and the jungler is the first one who gets involved in all these things...finally i believe that jungling is the funniest and most useful role to play..you can surely carry and/or assist your team..you can either finish with 100/0/0 or 0/0/100 thats why i love it...ganking and killing enemies will fulfil your soul..you will recieve a lot of happiness and your teammates will never argue to you! Thats it...have fun LoL players <3
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