Riot i really really really need help about it PERMA BAN FOR NO REASON PLEASE CHECK IT

I won my dia 1 promos and i reached dia 1 but suddenly there is warning pop out to screen . '' Ur accaunt has been suspended permantly '' i ve shocked . Cuz i am not toxic player i dont know why ppl reported me down here is the riot message comes in to my mail . As you can see its %80 is not even flaming . It was my dıa 1 promos with 1 win 1 lose i was nerveous as normal cuz i have dreams to become professional player . And my team was soo upset about our jungle shyvana ( i was janna ) i tried to keep up my team '' We have late game '' '' We can do this '' '' Dont flame shyvana she is farmer jungler '' . And here s the message i took . My team was really really flamıng a lot check and u will see i am innocent . I also reported it to riot support but they have no comeback . Please answer me here i am begging you answer me here that accaunt was my all 3 year accaunt and i didnt evet took any warn to '' You are going to be banned if u cont like that '' Please help me i dont know what to do . Check images i ve send Edit : i never took 2 week ban or etc . here is the message please tribunal is broken help me!!
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