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There are to many games that ends badly, really badly within 15 minutes. All lanes loses so obvious (including mine). It is more than clear that matched players are not of equal skills. So my question is "How to report RIOT?". Evidently this is BAD matchmaking algorithm. I propose that every game like this is marked as "RIOT" report. Then when there are enough games like this developers working on matchmaking algorithm either get fired or moved to another department. There will always be excuses like there are smurf, bought accounts, etc. This is not our problem. If those developers working on matchmaking algorithm are out of fresh idea step aside. Let someone else try to remedy this problem. Unless RIOT thinks that our time has no value. And that we should be grateful for playing a free game. Then please say so openly so everyone knows on which ground they are staying. Report RIOT!!!{{champion:11}}

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