Issues with re-installing League

Wow Riot, you have really overcome yourself this time... There I was, laying in my bed, thinking that I was going to get up and play some League of Legends. But oh, how wrong I was. I got to play two games today, and then I was left with the shitty patcher client. I've been trying to re-install the game for almost half a day now. And it hasn't worked yet on two different networks (router and router-extention), hasn't worked when I repaired, and hasn't gotten better KB per second when I have restarted my router. I got about 2500 KBps which roughly gets two and a half MBps, atleast it said that. But I went up one MB after six seconds. Now I thought that it wouldn't take long even there, but the internet connection isn't even the worst part. Yes, I tried to connect to Oceania and back, didn't work, although I got better KBps in Oceania for some reason. I got the unspecified error or got the patching stuck at 33% every single time I tried patching after installation. At this point, I'm begging you Riot, come up with a solution for this, because I have tried every single trick in the book right now. Ty, god bless.
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