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Hi, When submitting a support ticket to Riot support, do you guys get generic, automated responses for your ticket? I mean it's like there's no one reading the ticket that I submitted and i get back a response that doesn't even address issues in my ticket. Is there evn any point of submitting a ticket to Riot if it doesn't involve money? In saying that i submitted a ticket about the Darkstar bundle about 5 months ago. I got swift and accurate responses for that ticket. Is it just because it involved money? Anyway here's the ticket I submitted and the responses i got back. #REQUEST #24254584 Headline: **CAN YOU EXPLAIN THE RANK FLEX QUE "HOTFIX" TO ME PLEASE?** *** XXRAVIXX Tuesday at 17:03 Hi, So I played all of my placements for flex queue and got into bronze 2. I went 5/5 in those games. Seemed fair to me, even though I was ranked bronze 1 last season, I played with high gold, plat and even diamond in 1 game I think. So I was pretty ok with being near my last season's rank. But now you guys went and "fixed" flex queue to give us our true ranking. So we had to play an extra game to sort things out. Simple enough right? Wrong. So I played this 1 extra game, and our team won. It seems that the level of opponents was on par with mine this game (all bronze and silver). So after winning the game I get a notification that I will be in bronze 4 this season. Well it doesn't make any sense to me. Going from bronze 2 to bronze 4, even after winning the placement game no less. Fine. If you're going to say that my MMR is at that level, surely I should not have been matched with gold, plat and diamond; only to win 50% of those games; and say that I was worse than last season (bronze1 S6). If I played with mostly gold, plat, diamond, shouldn't my MMR be around mid silver for going 5/5. I mean that is the middle of the pack so to speak, but after winning I get even lower MMR and a lower rank? It seems slightly unfair to be honest. Just needs some thoughts from you guys around this, and thanks for reading the entire post if you got to the end. Sincerely, Confused and frustrated. *** HYPERIONESQUE Wednesday at 11:23 Hey xxRaVixx, Because we crossed some wires with matchmaking, your original placement was probably inaccurate for preseason ranked games. We’ve rolled everyone’s MMR back to its last-known accurate state (the start of preseason), and anyone who has completed placements will need to play one more game to get re-placed. To clarify, this is not a do-or-die placement match. It’s basically just fetching you a ranking based on your updated, not-wrong MMR. Whether this placement is higher or lower, it should be a more accurate reflection of where you’ll start your 2017 climb. Your win/loss record remains intact, and will still factor into how you climb during preseason. For more information on this topic, you can hit up our boards post on the matter here. hyperionesque, Player Support Specialist *** XXRAVIXX Thursday at 08:24 Hi Hyperionesque, Don't know if that was an automated response or what but it looks like your response was just a generated answer for all queries on this topic. Anyway i took the liberty to do some stats work on the 10 placement games that I played for flex queue before the "fix" was put into effect. I used the average MMR of all ranks to determine the average MMR of both teams for each game, and showed the difference in the overall team Average MMR. Now i would think that a deviation of about 70 MMR points(1 rank) would be acceptable in terms of difference between the teams. MMR differences greater than 70 points in games should not have happened, and in saying that should be disregarded from the placements (in my opinion). You can also see that me being bronze 1, had the lowest MMR in all these games, but i still managed to carry my own weight (so to speak). I've attached the spreadsheet that i've created so that you guys can have a look. As for where i got the base MMR values - Hoping for a real response this time. MMR calcs.xlsx (30 KB) Avatar *** SMTHCOOL Friday at 16:43 Hey there, With the launch of the Ranked Flex queue, we encountered a few issues around where players were placed. There's full details on that in our boards post here. As a result, some players’ MMR was incorrectly set to zero or a value that did not correctly reflect their performance. Matchmaking would therefore have no hope of accurately finding games for them and their placement was guaranteed to be innacurate. In order to resolve it, we've deployed a fix which rolled back MMR values to whatever they were at the start of the preseason, and required players to play another placement match in order to get seeded in the correct Tier / Division. This would place everyone in the division that corresponds most closely to their hidden MMR value once again. We are sorry for the extra games that you played in order to rank up and now to end up back at the start or lower but across the board this reset has made he MMR value closer to the normal value. I understand that this might be a frustrating experience for you, however, please know that after the preseason ends, your MMR value will receive a soft reset. The matches you've played during the preseason will therefore have had a minimal impact, and your placement will be dependent mostly on your Season 7 placement matches! I hope I was able to clarify this up for you. Thanks again for your patience and understanding regarding this issue. Should you have any other questions or concerns, don't hesitate to let me know! SmthCool "Let`s make this fun" Warwick The Blood Hunter *** XXRAVIXX Saturday at 19:31 Another generic generated answer. I guess you don't read the ticket, only the topic. I see no comments on the spreadsheet I did. I see no real feedback on the particulars in the ticket. I'm done. *** ANCAZOR Yesterday at 22:26 Hey xxRaVixx, Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We can't pass feedback reports directly to the development team, but I recommend posting to the Boards. The team is always looking at the Boards to get a feel for things players think could be improved. You can find the Boards here: EUW Boards: Also, there is a space where we focus on your questions and give you answers. Go to and sign into your League account. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Kind regards, Ancazor Player Support Specialist Riot Games "There is a mushroom out there with your name on it!" *** Thanks for reading if you got to the end.

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