Monitor "Out of Range"

So when I tried to play a game today, as soon as the loading screen popped up after pick/ban phase, my screen went black and then told me "out of range" Nothing more. The game runs fine as far as I can tell. Sounds play like normal and when I Alt+Tab everything works fine. I can even see the game running when hovering over the games icon in the windows toolbar. I didn't change any resolutions for either the game, my desktop or my monitor. I tried some troubleshooting and followed some steps I found scattered around the internet. Reinstalling the game, changing the resolution manually in the game files, changing my desktop resolution... Nothing worked so far. The initial game was sadly foiled for my team, the tests that followed were down in customs with no players or bots. My monitor does have an "auto adjustment" feature but it didn't change anything (and can't be activated while the "out of range" message is on display). Funny thing is that even in the game files (lol/config/game.cfg) my normal resolution is used. Changing it didn't have any effect. If anyone has any idea on what else I can try, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance! Edit: So apparently it works in Windowed Mode. Changing the Resolution from 1920x1200 to 1920x1080 at least allows it to work in fullscreen again. However I never encountered this problem before and have so far always played with 1920x1200. So... any ideas on what might be the reason? Its not a major issue but I'd still like to know.
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