I got banned for these words... "Game 1 walkman002: ty walkman002: ok walkman002: ward my red ty walkman002: bot walkman002: just tell me walkman002: why walkman002: why? walkman002: why u %%%%ing picked these champs on bot? walkman002: blame jungler more walkman002: bot started to blame me walkman002: 1/5 talk walkman002: report bot lane ty walkman002: pls report them for trolling and being toxic walkman002: just look at them walkman002: my eyes burning walkman002: you gonna smile when you will be banned walkman002: muted too walkman002: can some1 go in walkman002: ffs walkman002: 2/12 pinging me? walkman002: ofc i walkman002: he is %%%%%%ed walkman002: he will be reported walkman002: can u stfu? walkman002: if u gonna write u won't win" Other players flaming on me much more and much harder, and what riot doing for them? nothing... I said only 'ret*rd' and 'stfu' gg banned perma.
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