Unable to connect to server whilst using mobile hotspot

Hi all - I really need some help. I am based in the UK (London) When using my mobile hotspot to play league of legends (I am on the EE network) I am unable to connect to the game. The lobby and all game features work just fine all up to champ select. But after champ select I get the following error and I am unable to load into the game: "Unable to connect to the server. Please check your network connection and attempt to reconnect your game" However, I do not have this error when I'm using my WiFi at home. I use my mobile hotspot because my WiFi at home is horrendous. I have to play on 300ping constantly. I need help please. I never used to get this error when I was on o2 (I recently switched from o2 to EE) I've tried the standard firewall fixes but this has not helped - I've also uninstalled and redownloaded the client and this has not helped Any suggestions?
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