Permantly banned accounts

In my opinion flame is one of the biggest issues in League of Legends and people who non-stop flame 24/7 sould be punished by riot.I had an account in EUW server that was p2 higher rank and my last 1 month of my 'lol career' i get demoted from p2 to g4. So i was playing with people that have so much less awareness in game than me and i was trying to make them understand that as far as they tryhard IN A RANKED GAME they will win it,but they didnt. My point is that riot could change the 'PERMANTLY BANNED' accounts and silenced them for a whole season or something like that. + i wasted about 60 euro in this game and i never got a simple cent back. my account isnt veried in any email and if someone could help me to send this message to riot just in case they give me a second chance i would really appreciate it!
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