Lost wifi for 10 minutes, came back in, won the game for my team, reeviced ZERO LP

Okay so I was in game doing alright, bad start, but for around 10 minutes I lost internet cause someone accidentally unpluged the wifi. So I come back in game, rush to my team in mid, use my orn ulti, we ace the team and win game, but when the game finishes II get afk warning, I mean I pretty much just saved my team from losing the game, I can upload a video if need be. I know there is no way Riot can just give me that LP, but being in a 30 minute game, only being afk for 10 minutes, yes it just seem like a long time but I worked just as hard as anyone did in that team and as soon as I was able to reconnect I brought the team back. Riot anything you can do?
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