Riot, please help. I really would like some help.

Im also going to send a ticket to the support page. I just want to get all possible help there is. Hello Riot support. I’m a LoL player who really enjoys this game and cant get away from it. 2 Weeks ago, when i heard that the new champion was gonna be like vayne, i started powerleveling for Blue Essence. We all know how hard it is nowadays to get the amount of blue essence if its like above 4800 if you don’t have a certain champion. I decided to grind BE for Kai’sa. I enjoy her on the pbe the way ive never enjoyed other marksmans. I made around 8000 BE within 2 weeks, since i want to get her the first week immediately. However something happened. yesterday i left my computer onn (with the client opened) in my room and just wanted to go to the toilet quickly. When i came back everything seemed untouched (which i expected, since regularly no one touches it but me) , but it wasn’t. I was tired and i shutdown my computer. today i turned it on again and saw 6300 BE missing from my account. i was like why? How? i lowkey panicked since i thought i was hacked. I asked my family if they’ve touched my computer and my sister said she was and that she did something accidentally on the store which explained it; she bought Bard. Now i have the champion Bard when i never play him and i lost my hardworked BE. Now i have 0 refunds (all used like a year ago) and i just dont want to put so much time again to grind BE. PLease riot, i ask you for a favor. Please refund Bard and give me my old amount of blue essence back. I didnt play him after the purchase.. I sincerely ask you to help me out this one time.
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