PROJECT: Hoodie & Merch in general

Heya! So, back in August, I partook the PROJECT Miniquest and ordered myself a PROJECT: Hoodie. I was informed that the hoodie was expected to arrive in October. It's almost December soon, so I'm kind of tired of waiting. I don't have any experience from ordering merchandise from Riot Games, so I don't know how long I should expect the delivery to take. Does anyone with more experience know how long their deliveries can be delayed? Also, does anyone else have the same problem? I was going to contact Riot, but I thought asking boards was better as a start. I'm ordering from Finland, by the way, if that is relevant at all. Thanks for help in advance! - Iron Edit: Forgot to mention above, but in Merchandise there reads that my order's _still_ processing, after almost 4 months. Edit2: I've sent a help request to Riot Games's Support and am waiting for their answer.
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