Stolen account and possible permaban

Well,this is actually my first thread,and maybe it's already been wrote like countless times.But,as you may have guessed from the title,I'm worried! The fact is,I received a message from a LoL friend,a link,to be precise,and knowing I must not click on a link(mh that rhyme),I was going to close the conversation....But!My grandma,who was calling at the hospital to know if my uncle Learco was well,accidentally hit me and I,instead of closing the conversation,clicked on the link....and bum!I got a screen that said my account was logged by Elsewhere{{item:3151}} . This is not finished!I relogged and thought phew,I'm safe,but the person who hacked my account already sent the mentioned link to my other friends!I told them not to open it,but another error screen brought me out of the account.....I already sent a ticket and I hope my account will be restored,and meanwhile I even changed my password from the LoL home page.even if it might be all useless....Not only I'm worried about me,but I'm worried about my friends and a possible permaban....What should I do now mates?{{item:3151}}
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