Is this input lag in my head? Driving me crazy

In the last 2 weeks i have felt like my game is having slight input lag/buttons not pressing/ability delay, things dont feel smooth like they used to and i feel like if it was happening before this point i wouldn't have noticed the difference so there must be something up. My Game is consistently 140+ FPS and 38 ping (usually no variance) Vsync turned off in game and blocked in game properties. I have: re installed the game Updated graphics drivers Reinstalled windows (fresh install) Looked at literally every post regarding this topic checked logs - They are perfectly fine - Stable ping - Low packet loss if any - jitter 3ms Im getting really annoyed trying to find what is the matter and im getting to the point where i dont even know if its just in my head anymore. If anyone has any suggestions that can help; It would be very much appreciated because i feel like i cant enjoy the game like this.

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