Game Crashing after each game.

After every single match i play Victory or Defeat i click continue to which i am returned to the Desktop. The client is closed but the lollauncher, lolpatcher, lolclient processes are still in my process task manager but not my applications task manager. I have tried reinstalling the full league of legends client, adobe air, adobe flash, microsoft .net frame and direct x. I have tried rolling back gpu drivers and updating to the latest. All to no avail. This has been happening for about 6 months, 3 of which i stopped playing because i had to sign back in after every game. Ive tried to search for a fix but any time its a forum link im brought to the unscheduled maintenance crap. Ive spent a lot on RP, skins etc and wouldnt like to just stop playing the game as i enjoy it, so all in all a fix for this would be great if not im out :( {{item:3070}}
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