Can we finally get some free stuff to compensate all the trouble u cause to us ?

Sitting here waiting for 30+ minutes to login .... not the first time im just sitting and waiting for u to fix ur stuff .... and first of all can u be quicker with ur announcements ? it took me like 10+ minutes of troubleshooting just to realize it wasnt my pc that caused trouble .... what if i went ham after that and reinstalled it for example or smthn like that .... every single time there's an issue it tooks u 30 min to announce it ( i guees u try to fix it before saying: "just to let u know we fd up again" ) we live in 21st century when we have instant updates on almost anything but ur queue ... so the point of that post was to let u know how much trouble u cause and to let u know other games give free stuff when they screw up .... where's my gains for the last hour that i was about to play ???? thx . for reading that hope i didnt waste my time on that also cause i begin feeling like wasting time playing league :)
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