Well i got perm banned

Game 1 In-Game SUPERDIGRE: lux enjoy ban SUPERDIGRE: lux why grife SUPERDIGRE: guys report lux grifing and trolling i died cuz i need to type in chast SUPERDIGRE: linus said mid first SUPERDIGRE: gank top and stfu please SUPERDIGRE: i play bad cuz of you %%%%%%s SUPERDIGRE: ? SUPERDIGRE: reprot regnar SUPERDIGRE: he wotn ganks SUPERDIGRE: ? SUPERDIGRE: lmao SUPERDIGRE: reprot regnar no gank SUPERDIGRE: she? SUPERDIGRE: i male stupid as biutch SUPERDIGRE: y SUPERDIGRE: kinda sad they wont gank me SUPERDIGRE: riven please report SUPERDIGRE: them SUPERDIGRE: i wont get ganked cuz lux grife and i defen one team m8 SUPERDIGRE: ty SUPERDIGRE: '3 SUPERDIGRE: only lux get ban thoi SUPERDIGRE: say i flame lmao SUPERDIGRE: for what lmao SUPERDIGRE: %%%%ign 3 premades kids that trash talk SUPERDIGRE: lmao dident linus get mid? SUPERDIGRE: lol SUPERDIGRE: lets start playing now SUPERDIGRE: ik SUPERDIGRE: lol SUPERDIGRE: i need gank top regnar to get comback SUPERDIGRE: wp SUPERDIGRE: ? SUPERDIGRE: i cant SUPERDIGRE: riven just dive SUPERDIGRE: gg SO i got kinda mad one game cuz my team trolled and said they had laine "linus" my friend did say on discord he had mid lane and mid lane just started flaming me when my friend trolled so i got mad and reply i have used alot of money at this game. So i regret being toxic thise one game is it anyways to get my acc back? or do i need to stop playign this game
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