Ping Issues (UK specific)

Hello, I want to start this off with a TL;DR: Ping used to be 24ms, not it's hovering 30-40 with ping spikes to 150+ So, I was wondering what is up with the servers lately, or whether it's my own internet or not. I'm with Virgin Media and I live in the UK (connecting to EUW). I've never had this issue before and now that this is happening out of nowhere I have no idea what to do. I can barely focus in my games because the ping difference is so noticeable. Especially when it spikes up. This is like a player in Korea naturally playing on 8ms, then out of nowhere in their games they spike up to 100ms. That's not fun at all. If there's any way to fix this, please let me know. NOTE: I checked with Lag Report and Virgin Media is apparently still 95/100 and I also ran a speedtest and got [this result]( so I'm lead to believe it's not to do with my connection to my ISP as it is the ISP connecting to Riot Servers etc.
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