FPS Drop out of nothing

So the day before yesterday i was playing, all normal when completely out of nothing the game went from 30/40 fps to 15/20 and now i can't play, after that match all the other matches i did started lagging I tried repair and it didn't work, so i uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, it didn't work The fps drop literally came out nothing, no update or anything that could have lowered my pc perfomances A bit of info I already had the performance setting on very low for the effects quality, off for the shadows and low for ambience and character quality and before that day i could play completely fine with maybe some fps drop during teamfights when everyone is throwing their skills Not like now when at 6 min in the game i start having huge drops My pc is not very strong It has a Gtx210(can't update the drivers), other specs tomorrow because now i am writing from smartphone
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