Arent u all sick of hypercarries , is too much is no longer a game where your skills matter , mainly if the enemy team have a hypercarry , i was playing jarvan was goin well i was 8/0/9 , but we couldnt end the game cuz they had a good waveclear and defend well , but then came kayle 3/2 after 10 minutes she was 11/4 at the end of the game she was 20/6 , the game ended at 36 minutes , i ended up 9/4/16 , because one single champ carry the other team, literally she was the only one who got fed , me and zed and twitch couldnt do much against her. Then other game , diana carry the other team , cuz my mid laner fed a diana , malz ended up the game 0/9 , and once again not me or a fed riven could beat her. Hypercarry are changing the game , cuz they carry player that dont deserve , ex. Kayn 1/8 was carry by a diana 16/2 , kayn have a 30 winrate with that champ but a 60 winrate in ranks , by being carry . This make rank being not balance at all , good player with mechanics are low elo bcs they get afk or trolls , or they dont play hypercarries and cant climb , while that bad player are able to climb bcs they got carryied. if saw high elo players enable to carry low elo cuz they got a afk or a troller and couldnt win duo to that. Riot should review that nature of the game.
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