Make it possible to disable "no need to enter CVV" when buying RP.

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Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
As the image shows this an option I would like to have a say in. I might have verified my e-mail, but if my account gets compromised and the unauthorized user decide to be a huge pain in the a**; s/he can without any trouble at all buy RP that will use my credit card information. Even if s/he cannot trade with a second account it can be both time consuming and an economical disaster if I have to wait for days to have this issue resolved (if it gets resolved). There should be an option that disable this so in the event that I lose control over my account abuse of this function cannot happen, or at the very least is a lot harder to accomplish. I rather spend 5 seconds typing in my CVV than having to go waiting for days worrying about money that might or might not be returned to me.

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