Some players need serious help in ranked

I played one game, and 2 people went afk, for absolutely no reason. It was one of the best games I played. But this game actually tilted me at the end. I was performing really well, so I was often jumped on by 5 players at once. My team just did not keep up. I played another, and my team mates literally froze when I want to 1v1 right next to them. They refused to help. I initially thought it was really poor reactions. I actually 1v1ed solely because they were there. After this happened 3-4 times, I think it was because of tilt because they fed really hard in bot lane. Second game, again, non-responsive players, simply will not help when I 1v1ed a player. Third game, my mid laner pushes a bot outer turret, whilst the enemy team is pushing mid lane super hard. At the inhibitor turret, I force a 3v5 teamfight. We lose, and also lose the inhibitor. The mid laner gets the bot outer turret. ---- In my mind, I wanted to afk in these games, but I chose not to. Is it because at night the match making pairs me with really low mmr players? Without intentionally trying to sound offensive, I have seen bronze 5 players at least attempt to defend their inhibitor getting taken down. If these players do this intentionally, do they get banned? I mean, this isn't just grief anymore, this is literally throwing the hard work and mindset of other players into the bin. I apologise, I am really sad because I REALLY worked hard, and I got such ridiculously unreliable teams. I play to carry my teams (I even adopted the Faker playstyle to carry harder by playing more sustain). Now I feel some people simply do not get punished. I am seriously contemplating of quitting, this is really, really disgusting Riot.

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