Broken Boards

[EDIT: Everything is working fine now. Looks like it was just temporary.] Well, not sure why, but I think that the board gods have just found a way to get me off boards. By making it impossible for me to see any replies in any of the threads =P Yet, seeing how other people aren't complaining about this issue and are still able to reply to other replies, means that it is very likely that there are way to few people with this issue, if any at all. I feel kinda alone here^^' I have this issue on different Boards, too (EU english, EU french, NA, are the only ones I tried) Have already tried another browser, clearing browser cache and restarting PC. Nothing helped. But anyway, seeing how I have the exact same issue on my phone too, it doesn't look like it is because of my PC, sooo... And it was over mobile internet, meaning it is very unlikely on my end... I'm kinda lost, dunno what else to do, dunno if I can even do anything at all. The worst part is, even if someone would write a reply here with a fix, I wouldn't be able to see it (updates don't show the body of the messages either) Soo, anyone has any idea of how to help me? xD
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