try'd everything in this forum and everything else. (patcher)

so yh . i dunno what to do anymore the patcher just sucks one time im stcuk at 33% for more then a few hours sometimes its patching but 1% a hour what i tried : peer to peer disable . resuslts into worse downspeed admin starting patch . results in nothing helpfull restarting patch , results into nothing . reinstalled league more then 6 times , results nothing. placing league in another map or desktop. results into nothing. letting it patch even though nothing seems to happen .results into a whole 24 hours of patching and nothing. i just cant play league . cuz the patcher doesnt work . this happens every single patch no matter the reason for patching is. and i tried more things but im pretty furious atm so i might forget to mention it above im just DONE i mean this is wasting more then it should of my life . and i cannot (will not) let my computer stay on for another 24 hours , parent reasons. i also tried this on my dadas computer wich is a month old and top notch . it took 1 reinstall of the game and wait for 2 hours aswell. and then it worked . but i cannot play on dadsa computer cuz its work related and i am not alowed to do so . if i cant fix this then there is only the option of quiting since i have no money to buy a different comp (wich i think is not the problem cuz of those other games i play with patcher working just fine ( warframe) (dofus) (wakfu) (smite) (even dota) yes dota... i made this before but was on wrong forums and instead of getting this reply ( wrong forums but this should help) i get a ur on the wrnog forum and a threat of something doing to my account (by riot) this i felt offended 2 cuz im just not used to forums . w/e hope i sayd enough and i hope someone atleast can help me i tried everything
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