Freez at champion select.

Server EUNE - i will try now to do some screenshots. Hello , i have problem with that for a while , its after a last patch with that new adc. These bugs are different. So there is a low list some of them. 1. loading all in menu is slow like i have internet like 10 years ego.. but my connection is ok and all another games are allright. 2. when i get into champ select, (egain proces and wait time between i first click on one role --- > lag and loong wait then i can even choose another role and egain after that a looooong wait time then i am able click to find a match. 3. after all of that i accept a match found, egain sometimes dont load a heros taht you would pick , so 30 sec just nothing happens. 4. if i am at ban , i cant click on enything and it freez, but somehow sometimes i am able to ban buuuuut after taht it freez in someone else. interesting is i can write with guys in chat. so when it freez i cant see when i am picking hero, or whot time have . just see freezed 0 cooldown timing and sound of the last "tick" , but a a long time nothing happens. and sadenly all goes like in 1 sec, just like its accelerated 10 minutes in 2 sec.. so many heros blicking sounds squeking :D so horrbible , and after all of that , DING window of unknown error :DD 5. after 3 days i played a so few games, (when all prewious bugs sadenly dont apply) but in loading into game many ppl freez and reconnectiong after game already start, and also in game many ppl have a problems , but not me when i am in game i dont have high latency or eny lags.. These bugs destro my promo, because i am leaving champ select cant pick hero.... or ban.. PLZ whot is this ? why another servers dont have these problems ? and why u cant resolve it for taht long time and still just a little warning we have problems we are trying fix ti... Thanks for support hope someone will explain me a someting :D And sorry for my easy english :)) {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}

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