Permanent Ban for being toxic in one match?

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(chat log in link above) Yes, I was toxic in this match but I do have to point out a few things that I think are not fair. 1. Before this, I got a 14-day ban, no warnings, nothing. Yes, I was a bit tilted that time but oh well it was just 14 days right? It was a bit weird because it was just from one match but it was not permanent so I was fine. 2. Today I got flamed before the match even started, but I did stay calm and everything went fine. This guy was toxic and already provoking me and saying I was feeding before the minions even spawned?! Like seriously, it is kinda dumb to only look at what I said and not even show the context and then just permaban me? Is that really fair? Ok so here was where I got tilted: I flamed the guy when he came and killstealed from me and then basically got me and him killed. We started fighting in the chat and it was not just one sided flaming or being toxic, the guy flamed me too and not just me other people of the team too, I only gave back the shit he threw to me. The context... I know I'm not innocent but still... permaban, really? The other time I said something inappropriate I did not even mean to offend him... In this permaban match I was playing Teemo and the enemy Fiora was half health and stepped into my shroom. My teammate who was flaming and who I flamed back to went and got a hit on that Fiora. It almost killed her but because she stepped into the shroom the poison effect got her and because of that I said the "TY LEE" and the other thing that I'd rather not say here and now in a teasing and provoking way... I know it was childish. But again, permaban worthy? 3. As I already said I got banned for 14 days and was at the time very confused but after that, I got no warnings, nothing and I think that is a bit unfair. If I have understood from literally every other permaban I have seen on the internet Riot gives 7-day bans, chat bans and but on me, you just went and permabanned me. 4. After I got banned and got the "Permanently Banned" pop up Rito only gave me a chat log of ONE MATCH!!? So basically Riot permabanned me for one game?! I checked my email, as they told me to and there were no other chat logs. You can't just ban me and give me ONE chat log :( As you can see in the screenshot there is only a "Game 1". I really love this game, I really do. And I literally cried when I saw this. I am so sorry if something I have said or done has made someone upset, but don't you think this is a bit harsh? Give me one more chance... please. I have played this game for years. My friends live far away so we play this game together. This game is important to me. I beg you please give me one more chance. My friends taught me, and after a lot of playing I myself got to be the one to teach, and that feeling was so great. : ) This game has helped me in many ways and it feels absolutely horrible to just be locked away from that happiness that this game has brought to me. I'm human after all and some days I just can't take it and let all the frustration flow into that chat... and I openly admit it. But now I beg you to give me one chance... If I blow it then just go ahead and ban me. Please. I am so sorry... Thank you. Edit: If we count the 14 day ban match then it's in 2 matches. I say not so nice stuff twice and now I can't play the game that I have even payed money to? Still seems too harsh :/

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