Low Ping But Still The Game Feels Laggy (Ziggo ISP)

Hello, I've contacted Riot multiple times. And I wonder if I'm not the only one experiencing this. I have low ping in-game, but it feels a lot higher. Moving my champion around takes significantly longer than usual. I've been experiencing this since october 2018. I noticed that another thread was made about the KPN ISP. So it might be related to our location, which is The Netherlands. I've been trying to resolve the issue by writing tickets to Riot, and I will be contacting Ziggo. I'm wondering how many people are experiencing this issue at the moment, because it's not possible for me to enjoy playing the game at the moment and something needs to be done (from either Riot's side or the ISP's side, not sure where the problem lies). Lastly, I've done two Pingplotter test with the two EUW IP-addresses (which was also suggested by Riot in the KPN thread). Here's the imgur link to them: https://imgur.com/a/754a3sM Thanks for reading, this thread is mainly dedicated to find out if I'm not the only one experiencing this at the moment (since loads of people had the problem in the KPN thread).
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