Can't login in my account, get redirected to a fresh one

So, this morning I tried logging in my account as usual (last time I logged in was the very night before) and for some reason the client wouldn't let me login. The message said that either the username or the password were incorrect, so I tried recovering my password at first, put in my email but got no email back. I then tried to recover my username and that's when things got interesting: the email from Riot said that my username was a certain "faitfulspirit", a name not even close to my old username, but I still tried to log in with that new username and my old password and surprisingly I could do it, but turns out it's a fresh level one account. Obviously I am very upset since I spent a lot of time (and well, money) on that account and I was wondering if anyone ever came across this unusual situation and if I could get the attention of a Rioter, maybe clearing some things out. I tried sending a ticket via the Riot Games Player Support but from what I can understand it takes a very long time to get any response. Oh, and the very weird part is that this profile that I'm using to write this is actually the profile I can't log in into, my browser had it already open so I can still use it here, but if I try to log in again from another platform it won't let me just as what happens in the client. Would appreciate a hand, thanks a lot!
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