Can't get into a game

Ok so basically I was starting a game as usual (Ranked), got into champion select, locked in my pick and waited for the game to start, but as soon as the client closed in order to get into the loading screen, it just reopened and showed me the reconnect massage. I tried to reconnect many times, but it just kept looping over and over again and never let me get into the game. I know it's not my internet cuz I could browse youtube and twitch with 0 problems. eventually the game ended (remake ofc), and yeah I was shown as an AFK and lost LP. The problems with the client are getting really frustrating and now i'm marked as an AFKr for nothing (probably affects my honor and gives me 1 strike on the leavebuster list). Come on riot, I know i'm not alone when i say that we can't even enjoy the game at this point (let alone get into one) because it has **soo** many problems lately...
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