League constantly goes corrupted/messes up when starting

Ok, so here's the deal. I've been having various errors for the last couple of days. These include: * The league client freezing on ready checks. * The league client restoring itself to an older version of the patch, but being unable to patch after, which lead to an infinite loop of League shutting itself down and starting itself up again. * The league client bugsplatting when it's starting up. * The league client being unable to start up after the first time using it after a reïnstall * 2 instances of league producing corrupted directories while uninstalling. The freezing was the original problem. I reïnstalled the game and tried to start the game again. Then the looping problem arose. I tried to reïnstall the game again, but the delete part from the reïnstall was failing. I went to delete the League files by hand in the Windows Explorer, but I couldn't because one file was corrupted. I didn't know what to do with it so I just left it there and made a new map to store League in. Then I reïnstalled the game in the new directory and any time I wanted to open it it would bugsplat. So then I downloaded the Hextech Repair tool and did a Clean Uninstall. That seemed to fix the problem, but once I tried to start the game up again (after having it opened once) it just wouldn't. I did a Clean Uninstall 2 more times (every time I wanted to play), but today it failed again because another file is corrupt. I managed to delete the first one, so I should be able to do this one as well, but I would like to note that it's a different file than the first one. Now, does anyone know what the %%%% is going on? The freezing just happened all of a sudden%%%%nce then I think my files got messed up from all the uninstalling and reïnstalling, but how should that be possible if all the files get deleted by the Clean Uninstall? I need help...
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