WTF is wrong with my PC/Laptop?

**Hello dear League Community!** These days i made a bad experience with my pc/laptop. my pc performance is running really low these days and i dont know why, i dont know if this could cause the problem but the problem occured from the day when i wanted to bring my laptop to another room and it feel off from my hands i didnt see anythink break or fell off from my laptop i can see the difference with the performance because the programs are opening really slow and ingame performance is really bad like before my pc fell out my hands, in Wolf:ET i got FPS (100-140) in League Of Legends (30-50) in Minecraft (60-100) now in Wolf:ET i got FPS (20-30) in League Of Legends (5-10) in Minecraft (10-20) and when i see the task manager i can see the CPU is running 100% the ram too i mean it would show the stats before too but the games would run solid (by performance) and i would havemore FPS... Does someone know why this is happening? is it happening while my pc fell off and something in the pc could have been broken or isnt fitting good? i will open my laptop and see if everything is on its right place... if someone knows how i can fix this pls reply by the way when i open the launcher i cant even choose or ban an champion i cant because its so slow and i have no time to even ban or choose the cpu is running 100% by the way i dont have no viruses i tested it with IOBit Malware Fighter PRO {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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