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So the new honor system is exciting, I'm excited to get into games and get honoured and honor fellow team mates who do well. BUT now for my dilemma, as you can see my name is quite eh... controversial lets say. I get insulted some games for playing who I play, get insulted even when I don't play it because hey you are a teemo main go die in hell etc... My worries are that considering I have people claiming they report me just because of my name, people who when I play ranked ban teemo (from my team as well, just so I can't play it, even though I rarely do) that I might not advance even if I'm friendly towards other people (I have 0 mutes or penalties so far, some for disconnecting in games due to my ISP's issues, but no chat related ones). So yes, I'm worried that due to my name I'll have problems advancing in the honor system just because of it, sure there are occasional people who are friendly but that's really occasional tbh. So, my question is if this will have any negative effects on my honor lvl?, from what I've read, if I'm nice to other players I shouldn't be worried of dropping honor levels, but I'm a bit worried I wont rise either. FYI: I used to have a different name before this, back then these things didn't happen but I'm quite happy with the name I have atm and well, you might consider this post to be as "crying" that I won't get honor and I deserve it, which isn't the case. When they announced the new system I was already worried considering there are now rewards related to this and I'm sure if you were in my position you wouldn't want to miss out on them either. I'm merely concerned because of past experiences since I've changed my name, as would any other person. So thank you for understanding. Thank you for reading my post and replying if you did.
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