There's something definitely wrong!

I get a perfect ping of 93 ms ( since I live in KSA ) in the first 2 matches and then it suddenly goes up to 140-170 ms in the third one. No, there's nothing wrong with my internet as it is pretty fast and the performance never changed when I test it's speed using speed test. BUT WAIT! After I get rekt in the third match I queue an ARAM Game 4 times in a row and the ping stays 94 ms, it only changes on summoner's rift. and this is not new to me at all. I seriously need help from a rioter because I can't stand this, the problem has been going on for 2 years now. Every other game's ping is stable except for LoL ( for me ) not sure about other people, but this poblem is very common in the Middle East.. WHY?
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