I have been suspender for 14 days becouse of harrasing enemy player.

Proof of abusing enemy player via chat. Game 1 Pre-Game 02Mirko20: anyone rerol? In-Game 02Mirko20: lmao 02Mirko20: fidget 02Mirko20: fidget spiner 02Mirko20: i'm 3 man top 02Mirko20: there are 3 top 02Mirko20: z 02Mirko20: wow 02Mirko20: 3 man top 02Mirko20: wow 02Mirko20: what? 02Mirko20: what? 02Mirko20: wow 02Mirko20: sivir troll 02Mirko20: sivir troll 02Mirko20: yes 02Mirko20: its urf 02Mirko20: why u cry 02Mirko20: having autism as human 02Mirko20: in life 02Mirko20: yes 02Mirko20: %%% ahri 02Mirko20: nice english 02Mirko20: where did u learn it? 02Mirko20: yes varus 02Mirko20: i'l report varus for racist becouse i'm black and it racist!! 02Mirko20: %%% %%%%%%S what are you doing??? 02Mirko20: lmao 02Mirko20: fidget spinner 02Mirko20: i writed varu's name My question is why am i suspended couldn't i just get chat restrictions i understand that my behavior is bad, thats becouse i'm tilted of getting 1 shoted. Have a nice day. {{champion:86}}
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