Unfiar Tribunal Result, Tempted TO Leave Game

Hey, So i've been playing league for ages and genuinely do love the game (i've even shoutcasted it upon occasion). However, in a recent game i was flamed all game by the Lux and Leona whom were premade. this got to about the 20 min mark where i gave up and just said "ok so il afk, if you gonna be foul play without" and thus went away. The lux and Leona continued to be foul and just plain nasty, at the end of the game I reported them both for verbal abuse. But not before I was given a timeban for games. Now with the tribunal down these 2 probably won't be punished. So what do i do, I feel that i've been cheated and should sue Riot or something XD cos this is just unacceptable. Bob
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