Suggestion to the forum DEVs : Make us be able to show/hide certain boards categories.

Hey there ! You guys probably know me, I'm one of the regulars around here. After having an argument with one of the users, I realised something. #The player behaviour section is lowering the quality of the boards. BIG TIME ! The whole thing, sometimes, is an eyesore. Coming here just doesn't feel right. I come here to chill. See a cool skin idea, help new players out with my knowledge, watch videos of someone bringing a match back from a 1HP nexus. All's well and good, but guess what I get ? ENDLESS F@#KING posts in the PLAYER BEHAVIOUR section. So here are my suggestions : A.) This would give more work to the staff. Either put a sticky note ON THE TOP OF THE PAGE - WITH HUGE CAPITAL LETTERS which should read #COME AND CHECK OUT THE RULES. SEE WHAT WILL GET YOU BANNED INGAME, WHAT WON'T. This should remove all the "unfair ban" posts, which are a pain in the ass already. Integrate the whole idea into the boards TOS, and delete all those posts. #SEE HOW THE PUNISHMENT SYSTEM WORKS. DID THAT TROLL GET BANNED ? FIND OUT IN THE NEXT EPISODE. This should get rid of the rest of the endlessly repeating "OMG HE TROLLED AND HE DIDN'T GET PUNISHED" posts. #OR B.) This would give the devs a bit of work / redesigning at first, but improve the quality and User Experience of the boards BIG TIME ! Make us be able to opt out of certain sections. If I only want to see skins, I can click the creation and concepts. If I wanna get advice, I can click the advice section. What if I wanna see everything except one category, that literally takes up 60%+ of the whole boards ? Well, I'm kinda screwed then am I not? **** Seriously, this whole situation is starting to be a deal-breaker for me. I'm finding myself having less enjoyment every time I come here. LOL is my favourite / daily game, since late 2010. It feels nice to be involved in it, on multiple levels. But this is just garbage.... It stinks. Thanks for your attention. Pissed Policeman out.
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